Tuesday, November 29, 2011

wish i can believe

Yesterday Weichuen and Aidan raised very actual topic : "Have you ever felt that others' works are much better than yours?"   I also don't understand how we can operate smth with that feeling "others' works are much better than yours". I know, everybody tell not to compare yourself with others work because they just "different" not better or worse. But this is just a voice of mind and somehow we need to believe in it.

What is more, i realize that i know how to use any others works for final outcome, how to improve it and get from it smth material, f.ex. t-short, poster, flyers or whole advertising campaign.  But i do not know what to do with my own stuff. Of course i can use them all but for me it's still smth raw and crappy. I tried to understand why it's like that and now i think that's why i cant take others works 'as is' and trust theirs opinion and decisions. That means that i do not trust myself and can't accept my outcomes as 'final'. May be that's the problem.

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