Friday, June 15, 2012


Recently I've got my folio from assessment and went to the library to scan some of work that I've done. Here are two are prints that I made for the "London's lungs" project.

They are not properly printed but I quite like the feeling of movement that they got from misfitting, sudden marks and imperfection.

There were 15 different prints which I liked and most of them I gave away as gifts for my friends. I was planning to experiment more with inks and colours, probably print everything just in black to get that material feeling for computer illustration.  Today I have only 3 prints left and no access to the screen printing studio till the end of September. Without mention that all the screens will be washed. 
Never mind, it's just paper and ink - I haven't that "sacred" feeling about uniqueness. And now I have them scanned so I can give away the rest :)

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