Tuesday, January 1, 2013

the first 'serious' animation

One of the briefs of professional platform series at my course was to create a short animation. It should be  the loop for the LoopdeLoop website and the theme of the month was BANG. Sounds like a piece of cake, right? Especially having Matt Hawkins as the tutor and Rob Grieves as the visiting practitioner. But I had a particular idea in mind and only one week to make it. The idea was my old comics about curious old ladies. I did all the animation in time for the final crit in uni, got a feedback and had several days to add the sound. I've recorded some London street noise for it. As a result now I can't stand still when I hear the ambulance :)

So I've uploaded my loop right at the deadline night. It has passed judgement  and  been screened in Melbourne and also as part of BANG Short Film Festival. Now I'm in Australia writing it and feel a bit strange that my work came here before me.

What is more at the end of the month it was the committee favorite, had been featured on the website and went to the hall of fame. Whoa!

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