Thursday, June 20, 2013

Meanwhile in Russia..

Omg, it's a shame I didn't share some good news earlier – my Lunch story was named as the best by amazing BD artist Benoit Sokal at Russian comics festival Kommissia 2013. Also it's among 5 others chosen by the independent Russian comics publisher "42" Here is the festival page with spring winners (sorry guys, no English there).

That was a long story behind this comic as well. Initially that was my response to the sequence and the narrative brief set by NoBrow. Then I run out of time (as usual!) and sent it to the comics festival. Apparently that clashed with all other stuff happening - that was absolutely crazy days with our exhibition and tight college deadlines. So I completely forgot about any festivals and travelling as I planned first.

That was my friend who sent me congratulations one day - but for some time I couldn't even understand what she's been talking about. But here it is and there are some prizes waiting for me in Moscow.

Here is the full story - 8 pages about one unlucky sandwich.

And for our degree show (yes, it's an augmented piece of art again) I made an animated version. Really like how the sound adds new dimension to the story.

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