Saturday, October 19, 2013

meanwhile in Shoredich..

..there's the last week of our exhibition at Boxpark.

The exhibition is sponsored by Gameboxpark and organized by a cool fella Wumi (check his work out >>

//me and Wumi wearing our art
"10 Artists \\ 10 Games\\ 10 Pieces!
All based on Xbox Games! And Xbox Game Culture. Creative Gamers are a collection of Illustrators and Artists Living in london who Take Gaming Pretty seriously. This isn't just a bunch of Fan art, its a collection of well crafted Pieces celebrating Xbox Gaming Culture and characters. "
//The Creative Gamers team at PV. Here is >>>the full gang<<<

Important to mention that I'm not a hardcore gamer at all. My all time favs are Mortal Combat and Street Fighter and, of course, Super Mario. Talking about recent experiences a game that totally changed my mind was 'Journey' for PS3.  It gets you into it and let you go only when you make a full journey. From my point of view it's one of the best examples of an interactive storytelling, which I've been highly interested since my first year at Camberwell.

For this exhibition I decided to make something about Super Meatboy - it's another indie game which I liked a lot for its visceral gameplay and funny crazyness. Here I made an illustration for a fictional "Boxpark\hipstery\psychedelic" level. One of the coolest thing about it that it is A0 size vinyl print - I was really happy to see it in real life especially in the company with other great work.

Actually it's quite related to my current studies as well, as far as I have some ideas how to apply my animation degree in gaming and interaction industry.

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