Wednesday, February 19, 2014

LIVE: Moscow mural

This Xmas break was super intense - since October we've been working with my fellow friend Wumzum at a huge project commissioned by Aton Investment. It's a 30 meters long mural describing 23 years of the world history through the eyes of the company.  The most time consuming part was an actual illustration of these events (about 20 for each year).

After approving everything we went to Moscow to bring it to the wall.

There we met another colleague - an expert in decoration Maks Hikm and jump straight to the work.  5 Days, 84 sq meters, three of us - nobody could believe we can finish it in time. But we did it (even if our final "working day" was about 23 hours).

wall-procThat was a dreamteam, especially with our pretty assistant Svetlana!


According to the plan that was a holiday surprise to the ATON headquarter on the first working day. We were too tired in the morning to stay for champaign opening ceremony, but we've got the super positive feedback day after.



Overall, that was hard work, but definitely worth it!

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