Tuesday, December 20, 2011

improving Camberwell

It's time to tell about one of the recent projects.

Some time ago I've received the letter. The local council was planning a project to transform and revitalise the streetscape in Camberwell town centre and was  asking the community for their views and priorities. They were looking for an artist to accompany walking tours through area and to sketch some of the suggestions and ideas.  The idea was that having  this visual representation would  encourage those attending to be creative and would assist in getting some aspirational ideas from the community.

It sounded pretty interesting and  I've decided to join the walk. It was a kind of social project for me.

There was not only good drawing exercise and opportunity to make observational sketches with pieces from imagination. I also liked to talk with people and  to get closer look to local area, which was really worth to do.

So here is a result.

I'm proud to tell that they liked it a lot and told me that it is much more than they expected. And smbd told that here the whole area looked much better than it really was. It means that I've achieved my goal :)

 Hope it helps.


  1. I love them! I actually thought if I should do that, but I am glad it was you because you did such a good job!

  2. Ура! Я самостоятельно поняла почти половину!!!

  3. thanx! i thought about you, because i know u also like this area)

  4. хе-хе, можешь теперь сравнить с жж, там теперь подробней. но на инглише мне сейчас проще почему-то мысли формулировать