Friday, December 9, 2011

R+J ver 1

It's time to show one of my outcome for the end of the first term. 
Firstly I was happy with idea and layout, but at the end of the work i not quite like it. May be I just tired of it. I still like the force and kind of movement inside it. But something went wrong at one moment and I don't understand what exactly it is. There was opinion that may be it is not so related to the Romeo and Juliet, and Derek told nearly the same. However he likes the image and i'm happy with that. And i think we can solve this problem by making idea more clear. So this is the challenge for the poster design. For example, if we put the quote somewhere it could work better. Smth like "a plague on both your houses!" or another one about the war between two families. 
I asked Mike about image and i was surprised that he liked it: for him the idea is pretty clear and there is no problem. Also many of my fellow students told that they like it and don't understand why i do not.
So i was convinced to be proud of this result and i really appreciate this. It's so important to hear opinion from people whose views means a lot for me. Sometimes after all my cries it looks like i just ask for compliments, but it isn't! And the main lesson which i should learn is to be confident with my works. 


  1. Be proud of yourself, and have fun in Malta! Don't forget to upload photos taken there!