Sunday, February 19, 2012

how to make it routine

Today i thought about how to push myself to fill this blog on the regular basis. So i need kinda main idea for it. For example, is it just putting thoughts on paper to make them clear, or is ot a learning journal, or is it it an extended sketchbook which i can use to introduce myself. Or is it all this things. Oh yes, i just realized that it's the same i make while talking - i need put idea somehow to clarify it. So that could be the sketchbook or "mindbook". Anyway it could be obvious but for me it is not.
So far i thought about little template which could help to start writing. It could be pretty little structure like this: things i like today, challenges an what i learned.
For example today i was happy to find my pictures in Derek's blog, met my friends and clarified the future steps and strategy for our health project. At the same time my short story was sent to the publisher and i finished lettering for its english version. The challenge was in the gym when i've got several nice ideas right at the half of my heavy weight training and i had to run to my sketchbook to catch it. But that's nice i love this :)
The thing i learned today is that my partner at this health project is the same as me in such a strange way. An that we can use my own experience, that i've got from my uni team project coz it's so related. Actually there were the same problems, challenges and  mistakes.

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