Tuesday, January 29, 2013

still alive

I've been terribly busy with all that writings for the uni assessment. Should stop saying this now, but it was a real challenge and I'm really proud of myself I did it.
Anyway, that's gone yesterday and I don't care now, there are too many interesting things that  I want to do in the nearest future. By the way, it's a good motivation to finish anything - remember all that exciting projects which you are looking forward to start, but can't because of the current. I believe it was the only one thing which helped me this time.

One them is the short film I've been making recently. Again, it's so much fun to work in our team. You know us, we've done #100wordpilgrimage and going to continue the journey soon (stay stuned, it's gonna be even better). I really appreciate the enthusiasm and amount of help I've got for my own project. And it's not the end yet.

There is a first rough and I quite like how it looks. However it is way too long it needs better cut and colour correction.


  1. Where's the film by the way?! More, we want more! :))

  2. sorry, don't have time at all!!! the rough is still waiting for editing..