Sunday, December 15, 2013

a stripper mathematician

One of the recent briefs at uni was to create a character, work out his/her personality and show him(her) at three different stages of life.  Then I had to make her move, showing a change of mood through the walk.

So, please say hi to Ruby, a stripper mathematician from a small town in America.
ruby-upd She’s smart and optimistic, but a bit impulsive.  She's not pretty but the way she moves and her voice make her very attractive.
She was very shy at school, but changed a lot after a while. She was always brilliant at math classes and went to college to study science.  After her parents died  she decided to go travel around the country, hitchhiking and working as a strip dancer. Now she has settled in another small city  working as a mathematician in a primary school (her brother is one of the sponsors of this school that’s why they took her here) - kids love her because she’s cool and kind, other teachers respect her but trying to convince to follow dress code Her dream is to make her own show in Las Vegas and go travel around the world. She can do that if she wins a pole-dance championship, but she needs to work hard, get some money for costumes and special effects.
When she got old, she's sort of "super-granny", having several grandchildren and cooking pancakes every weekend. She lives in countryside, has a vintage scooter and a lazy cat. Nobody knows about her stripper career as she tells everybody she was a ballet dancer.
Some concept sketches, emotions and body moves:
Character sheet for the animation:ruby-character-construction

Here she is, walking in the room

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